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COVID-19 Policy & Procedures

 COVID-19 has impacted all of us. In response to the pandemic, and our effort to keep everyone safe and healthy, we’ve adapted our business practices with guidance from city, state and federal officials.  We would like to be as transparent as possible with our community and the deep commitment we have to operating and serving responsibly.  We’d like to share the things we’re doing to ensure the safety of our team and our guests.

  The entire restaurant has been professionally cleaned and chemically disinfected before our re-opening.
  Any employee not feeling well, for any reason, is staying home to care for themselves and our community.
  Single use gloves are required for all employees while cooking, cleaning and delivering food.
  We have implemented new, stricter sanitation practices for all areas of the restaurant to keep things clean, sanitized, tidy, and safe.  We are following all recommended CDC protocol for food businesses as well as following the guide generously shared by The World Central Kitchen.  Things included in our protocol include, but are not limited to:

o Hand washing following CDC protocols by all employees.
o  Sanitizing food preparation stations at least twice per hour.
o Storage containers, cooking equipment, knives, cutting boards and all high touch areas sanitized before and after each use.
o Kitchen is deep cleaned and sanitized at least once a day.
o Food and beverage items being prepared are transferred using contactless methods.
o Hand sanitizer stations are also set up throughout the kitchen in addition to our hand washing stations.
o  All food pick-ups are contact free.
o All deliveries of product to the restaurant are received through distancing measures and processed into the restaurant following our sanitation measures.
o  All fresh foods are thoroughly cleaned immediately after arrival and stored in sanitized containers. o Hand sanitizing supplies are available throughout the restaurant for guests and staff. 

Hand sanitizing does not replace hand washing.

o Proper cleaning and sanitation of every table and chair between guests.
o  All Guests are asked to wear a mask while entering the restaurant, placing orders, going to the restroom, and exiting.
o Guests will be given a disposable paper bag to place their mask in while they are seated and eating and drinking.
o Members of our team are not allowed physical contact (hugs, high fives, fist bumps) with our guests, nor are they to handle guests’ property including phones.

We remain committed to navigate this time in the safest and most responsible approach and stay up to date on any and all CDC recommendations, adjusting our protocol as needed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Please continue to take good care of yourselves and each other.