Behind the Logo

The Cornerstone logo was one of those logos that you design in your sleep. I remember waking up with the idea and immediately opening up my laptop at 3am to design it. The logo is simplistic, has many powerful meanings, and includes years of history. I had done a lot of research into the history of Cornerstone and Windham, Maine, where the church is located. I wanted to include a heart into the logo because the history showed that it was community that grew Windham and a heart for God that grew the church.

The Brandmark

The Cornerstone logo represents Christ being the cornerstone of the church, but a pixel heart was carefully designed into it as well. Pastor Ben Adler has a great heart for the gaming community and I wanted to represent that in the logo.

The Cornerstone logo can be arranged to create powerful messages for the church. These symbols will be used for relevant church programs whenever possible.